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Fully Accessible
All Long Beach Transit vehicles and vessels are wheelchair accessible. Passengers can use the wheelchair lifts or ramps at all boarding locations with the exception of those listed below. There are two wheelchair positions. If they are occupied, we will stop and let you know to catch the next trip. During the trip, wheelchairs must be secured with the restraint equipment provided. A seatbelt and harnesses are available, upon request.

The following boarding locations are not accessible to wheelchairs:

Boarding Locations Not Wheelchair Accessible
7 Orange Ave @ 28th Street, NE corner
7 Orange Ave. @ 28th Street, SW corner
7 Orange Ave. @ 29th Street, SW corner
81 7th Street @ CSULB, westbound
111, 112 Broadway @ Temple Ave., NE corner
131 Marina Drive @ The Crab Pot restaurant, NE corner
171, 172, 173, 174 Pacific Coast Hwy @ Grand Ave., SE corner
191, 192 Del Amo @ Daisy, SW corner

All of our buses are equipped to provide easy access by passengers who have difficulty boarding. If you need this assistance, please let the driver know.

For those who have certain disabilities and are unable to use the fixed route bus system, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) provides for complementary paratransit services. These services are provided by Access Services, Inc. To receive an application, call 1-800-827-0829 (TDD 1-800-827-1359).

Access Services is the county-wide complementary paratransit service which is required under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This agency provides mobility for those persons who are not capable of using regular fixed route transit service in Los Angeles County, including Long Beach Transit's service area. Representatives of the fixed route transit systems in Los Angeles County sit on the ASI Board of Directors.

To be served by ASI, a person must become certified as eligible. Eligibility is determined by ASI based on serveral components which include an application, interview, and a mobility evaluation. For more information, contact ASI at (213) 270-6000 or www.asila.org.

Long Beach Dial-A-Lift is a local paratransit program for residents of Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill. Members of Dial-A-Lift must be 18 years of age or older, have a permanent mobility impairment that does not allow them use of the Long Beach Transit fixed route bus system. You may apply for Long Beach Dial-A-Lift membership by calling Long Beach Dial-A-Lift at 562-591-8753.

You might also be interested in the L.A. County Transit Association reduced fare TAP card.

New mobility device securement station!
If you’d like to learn more about our new Q’POD Securement Station for mobility devices, visit www.lbtransit.com or call one of our friendly customer service team members at 562.591.2301. With our real-time GPS, streamlined TAP card, and now, our new Q’POD Securement Station, Long Beach Transit is leading the way to a more convenient ride.

Use our new Q’POD Securement Station for faster boarding.
We are transitioning the front of our buses to our new Q’POD Securement Station for mobility devices. It’s quick, simple, and convenient — making it easier and faster for everyone, everywhere we go.

How do you use it?

  1. Simply back your mobility device into the Q’POD Securement Station.
  2. Let the bus operator assist in securing you.
  3. Once you arrive at your bus stop, the bus operator will release your Shoulder/Lap belt or Scooter Hook.
  4. Then head to the front of the bus for a quick and easy exit.

What makes it so innovative?

  • It allows bus operators to provide faster assistance.
  • It accommodates almost all of today’s mobility devices.
  • It makes getting on and off the bus more efficient for everyone.
  • It’s easily accessible.

For more information on the Q'POD mobility device securement station, please visit: http://www.qstraint.com/en_na/products/transit-solutions/qpod