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Long Beach Transit offers a superior transit service at a very reasonable price. There are even discount fares for seniors, customers with disabilities, medicare and students. Go to Discount Fare Eligibility to see if you qualify.

Regular Fare $1.25
Inter-agency Transfer 50¢
25-Ride Ticket Book $31.25

Discount Fares
Medicare 60¢*
Senior (62 years & older) 60¢*
Customers with Disabilities 60¢*
Customers who are legally blind FREE*
Customers in wheelchairs FREE*
Children (Age 4 & under) FREE
CSULB UPASS Click for info

Long Beach Transit's fareboxes accept coins (including $1 coins) and dollar bills, but do not make change and the bus drivers carry no cash. LBT no longer accepts pennies. You may purchase passes with cash or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) at the Transit and Visitors Information Center at 130 E. 1st Street.

Please have exact fare ready. If you need an Interagency Transfer, please purchase one when you board the bus.

Correct I.D. required for all discount fares.

*Special eligibility requirements apply for all reduced fares. Medicare cards may be used as proof of eligibility for Senior and Disabled reduced cash fare. Reduced fare passes require certain approved I.D.’s. Visit Reduced Fare Eligibility to see if you qualify.


Long Beach Transit bus passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.